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Our courses

Online English course

English courses for all levels.
From beginner A1-A2 to intermediate B1-B2 and advanced C1-C2.

Business English course

Business English courses for companies, managers, business teams, and freelancers.

School tutoring and university support

School tutoring and university support for the following languages: English, Spanish, German, and Portuguese.

Technical and sectoral language

Sectoral English courses to develop and master specific technical languages.

Online Spanish course

Spanish courses for all levels.
From beginner A1-A2 to intermediate B1-B2 and advanced C1-C2.

Online German course

German courses for all levels.
From beginner A1-A2 to intermediate B1-B2 and advanced C1-C2.

Online Portuguese course

Portuguese courses for all levels.
From beginner A1-A2 to intermediate B1-B2 and advanced C1-C2.

Prepararation for success at language certifications

Intensive language courses to get a language certification.

Assess your English level with a free online test

What is your actual English level? Find out now and click on the link on the side.

Certified teachers

Our teachers have over 20 years of work experience at public and private schools in Italy and abroad.

Customized live lessons

The lessons with our native teachers will take place online on platforms such as Google Meet, Zoom, Skype, or Webex, just to give you the utmost flexibility. You can study anytime and anywhere.

Guided learning through webcam

Improve your speaking, reading, listening and writing abilities. Students will be constantly followed by our private teachers until they reach the desired language level.

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Online courses


Certified students


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Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about how our Academy works.
As for English courses, anyone can take an online quiz that will be submitted to the teacher who will assess the oral abilities of the potential student free of charge. The level of knowledge is assessed through the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. As a matter of fact, the student cannot decide autonomously which type of course they should attend.
Our annual group courses start in October and end in April / May, in any case before the exam sessions in May / June. As for the other types of courses, they will be activated at the time of the request.
At the end of the course, students can take non-mandatory exams and get international language certifications. The students who are not willing to take official exams can request a simple certificate of attendance to the courses.
No, even though we recommend taking certifications at the end of the courses.
The Customer Care Office is available all the time to go through every single request of course interruption based on different reasons: students changing their minds about taking a course, health issues or serious grounds. In this case, the student will have the amount of money equivalent to the hours he has not done. For instance, if I have done 10 hours of lessons and I paid for a 40-hour package, I will have the money back for 30 hours I have not done.
Of course, you can cancel the individual lesson with a 24-hour notice before the lesson itself. In case there is no notice, the lesson will be counted as done. It is also possible to make up for the lesson, but the date must be agreed with the teacher.
Yes, but the request will be evaluated by the principal and the faculty members.
Since it is a custom-made didactic program, it is possible to start the course after its beginning. The student will make up for the lessons he did not attend.
Yes, group lessons can and should be made up in other classes of the same level, preferably in the same week in order not to lose didactic continuity. The student should agree on a lesson date with the teacher or with the Customer Care Office.
Both students can cancel the pair class by mutual agreement with a 24-hour notice before the lesson itself. Should one student be absent, it is not possible to make up for the lesson.

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